Laurel Doggett

Educator and Strategist

Life is not perfect.  It comes with hurdles, challenges, and sometimes huge mountains to climb.   

How do you weather these roadblocks and setbacks? What are the emotions, thoughts, feelings, and stories you tell yourself that about what is going on in your life?  Do you know where or how you limit yourself from truly achieving the best results in your life?

Fascinated by self development and peak performance, I have been studying and learning with leaders in the field  for over 30 years. I have learned how to navigate my own hurdles such as 4 career changes during recessions, infertility, and stage IV cancer.

My mission is to offer you the best proven techniques to navigate forward and live your desired life.  Don't let negative thinking, self-criticism, assumptions, emotions, limited beliefs, or habits stop you from achieving your goals.

I hope you will join me on this journey of continued learning so that you can achieve remarkable results in your life.

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