Laura Stavinoha

Voice coach

I am a musical performer, composer, producer and coach specialised in voice and singing. Moreover, I have worked as a copywriter, project manager and general manager for various companies – both culture and corporate – where I have enabled and executed many projects. 

With over 15 years of training as a (classical) vocalist, more than 10  years of working experience as a professional voice user and performer, I began practicing as a voice coach in 2012. I also have  over 7 years’ experience as a booking manager at MultiVoice  International Voice Agency.

As a vocalist, I’ve been involved in many styles: from baroque to house music and from contemporary classical to my own pop songs. For years, I have studied the spoken and unspoken rules of various music genres. But currently my focus is the authentic, intuitive voice, independent towards acknowledged traditions. Since the voice is the mirror of the soul, just like the eyes, it tells a lot about who you are.  

I pass on my knowledge and insights about voice and singing to those who want to grow awareness and deepening in that respect. I have an unconventional approach where the individual is at centre, not one particular method or technique. The unique character of every single voice is what I’m looking at, and together we will work on how you can express yourself to the fullest.

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