Laura Boysen

Author, Vitality Coach, Life Upgrade Leader, Speaker

Laura runs Life Upgrade Movement which is about upgrading your life, (health, vitality, happiness and performance) bio-hacking, embracing the health nerd in all of us, and creating the self-awareness and perfect energy and to attract all of this. Its about inspiring and informing. Creating a tribe of good energy vibrators who want to upgrade themselves, each other, and the world.

Laura's passion is coaching.  Coaching young adults to become self-aware, powerful, and confident in their futures by teaching them keys to health, handling stress, learning, happiness, finding their strengths and passions and creating a future plan they can be confident in.

She also coaches adults in high performance living, helping them to be their own health detectives, seeing new possibilities, and living life to the fullest.

Author of I Can. I Am. End of Story and Upgrade Your Mouth-Body Connection

Prior to Life Upgrade Movement,  Laura spent 5 years doing research for a recruiting firm, and before that she worked as a school librarian.  She has and BA in Radio-TV and a Masters in Library Science.  She is a certified Bulletproof coach in training, and certified by the Institute of Nutritional Leadership.

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