Old School

Build a Fire, Tie a Tie, Bake a Pie.

Old School brings back-to-the-basics content with a modern twist. You want to learn to tie a bow tie, bake a pie, hang wallpaper or start a fire? Old School provides the needed inspiration and instruction to learn those skills.

Back in the day, making your own jams or fixing your own bike wasn’t “old school,” it’s just what you did, and we kinda miss that. Now, as your go-to source for hands-on motivation and simple life skills refreshers, we’re getting back to the basics. We’re making stuff, creating often, and revamping religiously, then delivering it all to you through a modern lens of beautiful inspiration, clever entertainment, and truly social learning.

In life, there’s a lot of stuff we’ve forgotten how to do — at Old School, we’re making it our mission to remember. Get schooled with us.

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