• Lara has been through multiple major life changes in recent years including job loss, divorce, and lost loved ones including her father, brother and daughter. With all these changes, she has grown very adept at navigating and thriving even during the most difficult of life circumstances. Through her personal experiences and extensive research, not only did she amass a wealth of best practices for recovery, but also developed a great empathy for those feeling lost and alone in their recovery process.

    Lara's professional success includes working in both non-profit and business as a project manager, marketer, and communications professional. With her motivation to help others succeed, rise above adversity, and with the business sense gained through working in the corporate world for over 15 years, she is currently building a life coaching practice and is finishing her life coaching certification inĀ 2016 through the International Coaching Academy. ICA was one of the first organizations to offer a rigorous, internationally-recognized life coaching certification program.

    Lara is an active member of her community volunteering with the local hospital foundation and in community fundraising initiatives. She is a member of the board for the local women's shelter and of the North American chapter of Feminenza, an international, non-profit organization that supports the development and empowerment of women worldwide through programs such as Understanding and Managing Fear and Forgiveness. She also facilitates weekly webinar courses for personal development. Her own personal development journey includes mediation retreats, Enlightenment Intensives, seminars, and workshops focusing on healing, connection to the Earth, empowerment, and living one's fullest potential.

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