Lamin Sanneh

Freelance frontend developer and writer at

A frontend developer, my name is Lamin Sanneh, a recently graduated Computer Science student. I love to dive into pretty much everything web related. I've been doing this programming stuff for almost 8 years. At a young age, I have always been interested in technology. When I finally finished high school, I jumped onto a java programming course. Here, I learned a great deal about the possibilities of programming. It was not until University that I actually realized that I just did not want to programming, but that I wanted to focus on web development. I did a web project in my first year of University. After the project, because I was so excited about web programming, I offered to make a website for free for a group of friends of mine.

After that, I started doing freelancing just so I could learn. I later realized that I learn better with videos, so I went on youtube, watched as much as I can. A couple of years down the road, I thought to myself, it is probably not just me who learns better with videos, so I decided to share my knowledge to give back to the community. I started a youtube channel at last year where I teach various topics on web development and you know what they say, the rest is history from there. Nowadays, I play football and make tutorials by day and at night I'm wrestling with client projects or blogging at my personal website lswebapps.

I hope you enjoy my courses and would welcome any feedback. Cheers.