Chef LaFaye Pye

Creator and owner of the Raw Food Pantry

Before we had children I worked as a cook. I loved being in the restaurant business and have always enjoyed creating and eating many different types of food.

In 2005 our youngest son was finally given a diagnoses. We thought he was severally autistic, but they labelled him as "mentally disabled". A term I didn't think was still being used. We were told "take him home and wait... there's nothing else you can do." I didn't believe that. So, we pulled him out of school and away from those doctors. We started learning from other professionals in natural medicine. Our first step was to change all of our food to organic. This made such a difference. We wanted to go farther. So in 2008 we purchased our farm, and moved into more raw and vegan foods.

When I choose to go to Living light culinary school in 2012. I knew I found my calling. I've always loved creating food for customers, friends and family. Plus, the joy that comes from knowing I'm making a difference in someones life, it's priceless!

The sad thing is that I know all to well, the struggles of parenting and the pressures of trying to do it all. This takes it toll on a person. Just as so many others have help me and my family along the way, I know feel it's my turn... I want to give all that I can, sharing my knowledge and experiences with anyone who wishes to receive it, this is my biggest pleasure.

Our youngest son is 20 now and doing remarkably well. I really hope you can see the possibilities for you, your family and your loved ones.

With blessings and Gratitude ~ LaFaye

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