Rev. Druanna Johnston Johnston

Hypnotherapist, Master NLP, Life Coach

Rev. Druanna Johnston Ordained Minister with Sedona University, is a Professional Intuitive Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Trainer, and Coaches thousands on Freeing people from Debt by becoming Secure Creditors. She followed her passion to find the truth of why we are living in enslavement, that no matter what you do you cannot get a head! It wasnt until she met her first mentor Eddie who was the Inventor of the cars that run on air who told her about the truth of the elite few who run this planet back in 2005. Since then she met with amazing individuals who have freed themselves utilizing certain paperwork, letters to validate the debt of hundred of companies who are not operating lawfully and have been honored successfully. All it has to do is knowing what commercial law is as well as contract law and taking possesion of the Legal name you are known by. She did the same thing with her battle with Certain agencies and had become very victorious. She wishes to spread this knowledge far and wide among the planet so they can take back their power and regain their freedoms.