Kuntal Banerjee

Financial Market Educator | Trader | Investor

Kuntal is a Medical Student currently. He is passionate about the Financial Markets. He is the founder of the blog WayToInvesting. He is trading Stocks for the last five years. During this period he learned by reading a lot of Books and experience. He knows what works in the market and what does not work. He keeps two separate trading accounts, one for trading stocks and other for Investments. He takes both activities very seriously. 

He believes that retail traders or Investors are not serious enough. That is why they do not make money. Trading and Investing are serious businesses. A disciplined approach is required to make money in them. 

During his journey in the Stock Market, he had a lot of ups and downs. He gained a lot of money as well as lost too. 

Joining his course will give you an Edge. The Wheat will be separated from the Chaff by him. He only teaches what is required for you to make money in the Stock Market. His courses are very simple to follow and apply.

He says that there is no meaning in learning complex things that cannot be applied in real life. His courses are based on practical approach.

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