Blazing Cloud

Blazing Cloud expert training for innovation

Blazing Cloud is a consulting firm based in San Francisico, California. We offer in-person, local classes as well as on-site and remote training. 

Many of our classes apply an innovative teaching approach that is gaining widespread adoption, called Test-First Teaching, where students implement exercises that will cause pre-defined tests to pass. Many senior software engineers in the field find that testing is an effective way to learn a new language or API. This methodology also provides a good introduction to best practices for people who are new to testing.

About Blazing Cloud Instructors:

Curtis Schofield has been developing in Ruby since 2003 and Rails since 2005. He is expert at Javascript and full-stack development. He has experience in Java, both server-side and with Android. In addition to software development work at Blazing Cloud, Curtis instructs the Ruby on Rails class. He has 11 years of software development experience and holds a degree in Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science.