Kristine Castagnaro

World Traveler

Kristine Castagnaro is co-Founder of Journey Soulo a company that provides products, services, and support to people who dream of traveling the world but are hesitant to navigate the solo travel terrain. She's been to thirteen countries in addition to the U.S. and has found international travel to be personally transformative.

Kristine is also Chief Operating Officers at Hawaii International Child a Hague-accredited child placing organization. She revamped the organization's internal operations by overhauling the management database, moving the organization to cloud computing, rewriting the policies & procedures, and redesigning the compliance procedures. While not working in operations, Kristine develops adoption programs across the globe. She's worked in Swaziland, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, and Japan.

Prior to that, Kristine was Executive Director of the Hawaii Council on Economic Education, a nonprofit that trains teachers how to teach economic literacy to K-12 students. She developed and implemented a popular fundraising event called the Wild Ride Stock Exchange during which participants used laptops to buy and sell virtual stocks over the course of an elegant dinner. She spearheaded the development of several curricula including Hawaii's first financial literacy series based on Native Hawaiian values. She designed and conducted, in conjunction with the office of Senator Daniel K. Akaka, three Economic and Financial Literacy Conferences to develop strategies for increasing Hawaii’s economic literacy and served as Chair of the Personal Finance Committee of the Legislature’s Asset Building Task Force. Lastly she executed Hawaii’s first Personal Finance Expo for 2,000 Hawaii residents – the effort included the recruitment of 80+ vendors and sponsors, the execution of the marketing plan, and the coordination of 50+ workshops and speakers. In her first five years with HCEE, she grew the organization 300%.

In her spare time, Kristine writes for her blog, "It's not Wine, It's Mommy Juice" and contributes as a feature blogger for "Families in the Loop" a Chicago-based parenting website known for its uncensored approach to parenting.

Kristine lives with her husband and two daughters in Honolulu, Hawaii. She can be reached at

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