Chiropractor/Health Advocate Doctor Krista Ryan

Doctor of Chiropractic

Doctor Krista Ryan graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa in 2006. Since this time she has run a successful practice in Ontario, Canada. She has helped thousands of people decrease pain in their lives and in 2014, she started an online business VitalityMatrix to reach out and help more people.

VitalityMatrix is a video library where users can become their own health experts. VitalityMatrix is a company devoted to giving everyone the ability to help themselves improve their life and health. Sometimes it can be small changes in lifestyle or it can be radically changing the way you see your body. We work to find the most innovative, creative and practical approaches to help you discover you! We measure our success on yours and we try our best to increase the value of your life.

It's simple. Lean. Apply. Live Better!

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