Kris Stewart


During my two decades with Southwest Airlines, I gained experience in how to build a world-class culture.  Through my years in employment & recruiting, leadership development, training and career development coaching, I saw firsthand how valuing people creates loyal employees and ultimately, affects the bottom line in a positive way. 

Today, as a consultant for companies in the airline, educational, medical, and insulation industries, this valuable insight contributes to my ability to successfully relate to and coach individuals and leaders on how to create more effective cultures. I have developed, designed and presented numerous workshops ranging from communication, teamwork, and leadership to how to create a happier workplace. Through humor, versatile delivery and sensitivity, I have handled assignments from a diverse number of companies.

As an integral part of  “A Happy Workplace” team at, I have the pleasure of partnering with accomplished executive, author and public speaker Lorraine Grubbs.  We apply the knowledge we have gained working with organizations worldwide developing highly interactive and energetic programs to help organizations build cultures that will keep them competing at the top of their game.  Award winning top employers recognize that when employees are happy, so are customers.  And, that’s the bottom line.