Kornel Kulisiewicz

Entrepreneur, IT and business consultant

For the last 10 years I have been transforming my mentality from employee to entrepreneur.

Before my first successful business I failed with four.

I had a wine shop, a café, an internet startup, a real estate investment and a successful digital agency & software company NapoleonCat com.

Friends have been coming to me for advice on their business ideas so I decided to wrap up all that I have learned to help you raise your chances of success.

My education (M Sc in Computer Science) and career started in the IT world, where I first joined IBM on a large telecom project.

As I looked for challenges I joined a startup CRM consultancy company and worked on several IT projects in many industries and locations wordlwide. The company quickly grew from 5 to 300 employees in 5 years. This was the time when I started thinking of business and had my first attempts.

After a few trails I founded my first successful company. The company’s NapoleonCat was recognised by Facebook Inc. as Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer after 12 months from launch. We successfully created a new brand and positioned it on the market. The company was profitable!

I have a gorgeous wife, 2 fantastic sons and 2 dogs.

I’m into self development, improving everything around me, yoga and outdoor trips.

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