Korinn S. Hawkins

Author and Energy Healing Practitioner

I have been immersed in the field of Energy Medicine since 2008. What began as a personal journey blossomed into an awareness that not only could I help myself, but I could help my family, my friends, and others! I now work professionally as an Energy Healing Practitioner as well as an Author. Over the years I have gained extensive knowledge and skill training in the field of Energy Medicine. My knowledge branches across several modalities including Hands-on-Healing, Crystal Therapy, and Craniosacral Therapy amongst others. And I continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally in the world of Energy Medicine. I have learned much in my professional pursuits and am most excited to share the logic of Energy Medicine and add to your awareness of yourself but also to empower you with tools to use for improving your wellness. In time, I believe that the general awareness of the effects of energy will become common sense to all. It is not a far reach to see that the world we live in has an effect on us and in taking my course you will begin to understand that the dots are connected through the constant flow of energy we are immersed in. I have much to share so also feel free to visit my website www.Korinn.com, to read my blog, browse my books, or to set-up a session with me. I value you allowing me into your life and am hopeful to bring you many gifts of inspiration and empowerment.

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