Konstantin Kottutz

Superlearner (800+wpm), Vagabond, Flaneur, Entrepreneur

Konstantin Kottutz is 27 years old and he speaks 4 languages. Having graduated early from high school, he is a former alpine ski racer on the German Olympic Team and he spent 4 years in the Mergers & Acquisitions department of an international investment bank, advising clients on multi-million and billion dollar transactions on several continents. He has also been advising startups in financial matters on his own, from Madrid to Moscow. He was recently appointed CFO of a Software company. He considers himself productive.

However, he has always known at least one person more productive than himself - his old and dear friend Jonathan. When Konstantin wanted to find out what his secret formula was, Jonathan introduced him to what he called “superlearning”, i.e. reading faster, remembering it all and hence getting more done in less time. As Jonathan has shared his knowledge, Konstantin would now like to share it with as many people as possible. Come and join them on this fun journey and make it a life-changing experience.