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Professsional Certification Training Company

KnowledgeHut is a large bibliotheque of specific information and training for people in the fields of technology and management. The company's founders are zealous motivated young entrepreneurs, who found it a rewarding experience to fill the need of the hour, in the IT industry Training for Professionals

In order to keep abreast with the ever changing technologies in this industry and also to help continuous growth among aspiring IT managers and executives, Knowledge Hut has an array of offerings in the field of Sales, Operations, Marketing, Management and Consulting, all aimed at enhancing value to an individual's skill sets and experience.

Career growth is thus a given along with confidence and personal growth.

For the past 3 years KnowledgeHut has proven to be the most successful and well-designed corporate training and consulting services. KnowledgeHut delivers the value that a customer requires and thus creates value added solutions. In reality, KnowledgeHut acts as an extended solution. partner to corporate seeking consulting or training services to enhance the quality of their workforce. We are one of the big players in the field of Agile training and consulting industry.

KnowledgeHut has pioneered the Global Blended Model of Approach (GBMA), which emerged as an effective method of making training and learning easier for individuals and corporate in the industry, this is also applicable to the consulting services that we provide. The GBMA is based on the principle of providing a blend of extensive online training* along with traditional classroom based learning. This has resulted in positive benefits in a shorter learning curve and higher retention in participants of the Knowledge Hut training courses.

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