Kannicha Tilers

Thai food and Bakery

My name is Kannicha Tilers. my nickname is Fang. I'm 25 years old. I live in Chiangmai,Thailand.I really like Thai cooking. I started cooking at age of 12 years .And i started baking bakery since i was 7 years old. Because my family are bakers. They send homemade bakery all around in ChiangMai,Thailand. So i accustom to bake a bakery and love it a lot.

I want to share bakery my happy making bakery experience to you . If you want to know what kind of bakery. I will teach your follow my mom's receives . It's spacial everyone like this .If you try you will like it.

My course is interesting and creative, which I teach to combine the fruits Thailand with snacks of international.

It's modernization, Maybe no one will do. I think it's great. if you can learn it.

I want to tell you how charming of Thai food and bekery. Whether you have ever visited Thailand. Let's the taste make you miss and remember our country again.