Klimentij Bulygin

Research-Driven UX Designer and CEO at UXMAN Design Studio

I am an independent UX consultant with 7+ years of experience. I created human-centered UX design for over 50 web and mobile apps and websites in different niches. I create user portraits, build information architecture, design interactive prototypes in Axure. I also do usability testing and usability audit. I have been providing design expertise to companies like Nokia, Russian Post, RosEvroBank, and others.

1. Understand business needs
2. Do user research. Create user portraits and understand user needs
3. Create information architecture 
4. Do paper sketching
5. Create highly interactive prototype in Axure
6. Perform usability testing or A/B testing if possible
7. Improve UX design and repeat tests

So I am a really big fan of user research. To say more, I do not really believe anymore in UX design "in the vacuum", when you just silently sit at the laptop and draw rectangles. It does not work well anymore in the today's competitive world. That is why I prefer to validate all my design decisions by using such technics as:
– moderated and unmoderated user testing
– first click tests
– card sorting and tree tests
– user polls and interviews
– A/B tests 

– Master's degree in IT — Bauman Moscow State University
– I also educate myself through travels. I travel a lot, and I visited already over 40 countries. This experience helps me so much in understanding human behavior. 

– I created UX design courses in Moscow, and now I am a Udemy professor on my UX design online courses
– I participated as a speaker in UX people usability conference in Moscow

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