Kimberly Jackson is a Christian author, writer, and teacher known for her creative art of writing in the areas of Christian Living, Christian Education, poetry and Inspirational devotional. Her works are described as having a "kingdom sound," meaning they are "divinely inspired" and have the ability to empower, impact, and enlighten. Liberating to the soul.

Shortly after renewing her vows back to God in 1995, the miracle of a hidden talent "the Writer's Pen" manifested in her life and is now blossoming and filling dark empty places with life changing kingdom sound messages of blessedness, salvation, healing, hope and deliverance.

Accomplishments are as follows:

  • Studied Theology at Life Christian University, Lithonia, GA
  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate
  • Teacher's License from L.I.F.E Bible Institute, Lithonia, GA.
  • Graduate at NxLevel Training Institute, Lithonia, GA.
  • CEO & Founder of Kingdom Sound Publishers
  • Author of six published Christian titles

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