Kimberly Gladney

Independent Frugal Style Expert

Kimberly Gladney is the founder of Woman of Virtue, a brand that empowers women to be great and virtuous.  She enjoys sharing her beauty tips and life tips with women to motivate women to look and feel fabulous.  She teaches courses and seminars, does video tutorials, speaking engagement, writes books and creates events for women.  She also does 1 on 1 sessions for women that need additional tips on beautifying their look on any budget.  

One of Kimberly's mottos is: Only a butterfly knows what if feels like to be a caterpillar.  This motto is a makeup of her life, for she once was considered the ugly caterpillar or ugly duckling.  Through experiences and her determination to not settle for looking and being average (or even lower), she has learned how to enhance the beauty that was there all along.  Kimberly has a heart to share this knowledge with other women.  

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