Dr. Kimberley Palmiotto

Educational Psychologist

Dr. Palmiotto has over 20 years of experience in education. This experience includes teaching, counseling, and psychological assessment and intervention with children in preschool through college.

Dr. Palmiotto started her career in education in the elementary school classroom while putting herself through college. She continued as an art and teacher prior to moving into counseling and art therapy with children in both the school setting as well as in homes as a part of Child Protective Services. Her art therapy background includes work with children and their families in both residential and school settings. Areas of specialized treatment have included domestic violence, substance abuse, child abuse, autism, childhood anxiety, and mental illness. She worked in the public school system as a school psychologist for 15 years. This experience culminated in current private practice work as an Educational Psychologist and Art Therapist.

Education accomplishments include a BA in Liberal Studies, a Masters of Art in Marital and Family therapy with a specialty in art therapy, and has a Doctorate in Educational Psychology. Dr. Palmiotto is also a board certified school neuropsychologist and licensed professional clinical counselor.

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