The BIG DOG with Top Dog Performance

As a social media coach and marketing strategist, Kimball Stadler, helps her clients create marketing initiatives that clearly identify the perfect target audience (you can't be all things to all people), defines the message and maps out exactly how to reach an ideal customer whether it’s through a social media presence, a well-designed landing page with an insightful download tool or even eNewsletters that inform and act as a lead magnet.  Kimball has an incredible gift for reverse engineering a sales process. She can look at an audience persona, define how they enter in the sales funnel, evaluate the messaging and nail down a call to action essential in getting a client closer to the conversion. 

She says: "Keeping them on the hook" is what it's all about- long after the initial sale has been completed.” Her motto: "There are riches in niches." It's all about helping clients create "digital breadcrumbs" so businesses get found and new sales are generated.  She is a HUGE supporter of teaching people how to fish and the social media platforms she loves are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. And she is OBSESSED with Canva!

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