Master Do

Taekyun Master - Ki-Hyun Do is the creator of the Hopaesool

While Korea has a variety of excellent martial arts, the only martial art designated as an important national cultural heritage is Taekkyeon. Taekkyeon is also the only martial art designated as UNESCO world heritage. In contemporary Korea, there are three Taekkyeon associations. Master Do is the president of one of the three associations, the Kyulyun Taekyun Association, and he teaches at universities and professional martial arts schools.

He is famous for being the disciple of the late Master Song Deokgee (1893-1987), who was a designated national cultural person in Korea, and has received a lot of media attention. As Master Do was taught directly from Master Song, he is a person who represents Korea’s martial arts; as a person who received Physical Education Master’s Degree from Indiana University and Ph.D from Yonsei University, he is also an internationally active martial artist.

Master Do is also famous for being the inheritor of Hopaesool. Hopaesool is an art that was not casually revealed to the public in Korea due to its lethality. "Hopae" was an identification card that men over the age of 16 carried during the Chosun Dynasty. Nobles used "Hopae" made of ivory, while ordinary people used wooden "Hopae." Sometimes, Hopae was used as a martial arts weapon in emergency situation. Later, a martial art using "Hopae" was systematically developed: The art is called "Hopaesool." However, since its destructive power was great it was not open to the public. Master Do hopes that as times have changed, Hopaesool can be used as a self-defense technique by many, and has decided to open it to the public.

The biggest advantage of Hopaesool is that the Hopae is small and easy to carry, but has great destructive power. The art also demonstrates movements with grace and beauty. We would like to invite you to the new world of Hopaesool.

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