Khuram Malik

Digital & Marketing Strategist

Khuram Malik is a Digital & Marketing Strategist.

He has been in business for over 12 years, and as part of a management team he helped grow a business from zero to approx $1.5m in revenue in the dot com era.

Since then Khuram launched his own IT support business in the UK with high-profile clients. After burn-out due to the long hours, Khuram decided to launch his own online products and marketed them successfully. This was before the advent of high quality tools for analytics, 'growth hacking' and SEO.

He also created his own MasterMind Coaching system that has been used by well-known Start-Up Founders .

These days Khuram is working with a co-founder on a mobile-app , is helping businesses and start-ups with Digital and Marketing Strategy through training courses and consulting, and writes about marketing strategy on his blog which has been cited in online journals.

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