Khawar Zaman Software Engineer

eCommerce Consultant

A passionate software engineer to the core, Khawar Zaman has ventured into and conquered through many unexplored avenues in his career spanned over a decade and a half.

He soon found out that entrepreneurship brought the best out of him and ever since then, there’s not a single day he hasn’t bettered himself as an entrepreneur or helped others tackle their concerns. Starting his career as a junior developer, it didn’t take Khawar to rise to the top of something he loved immensely, i.e. coding. Progressing to be a team lead and a project manager eventually, he found himself lured to the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Code became his favorite language and entrepreneurship became his favorite canvass to express his true potentials. His daring attitude and unmatched passion for coding has led him across the world, meeting some exceptional people on the way and conquering some phenomenal challenges.

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