Kaahil Worley


Peace Family-

My name is Kaahil. I go by K-Felon, for K-Felon Beats. I am an aspiring producer who hail from Darby Township/Woodlyn, PA. I started my production career in 2007, I have worked with artist that has worked with Jahlil Beats, Young Tone the Beat Bully, as well as movers and shakers in the Atlanta music scene. One of my good friends and business partners is the producer for Rick Ross' " Push it to the Limit".

I have a deep seated passion for music as well as the music production community.

My intent for this course is to give back to the struggling producers and help them gain knowledge and increase their value to the market place.

I hope that I can reach all producers who is seeking this information and they find this information invaluable!

FL Studio Mixing Academy is just the beginning.

Stay Tuned!