Kevin Lewis

Lewis Education Group

Kevin Lewis is the CEO & Founder of Lewis Education Group. Lewis Education Group is a training and consulting company focusing on Crowdfunding. We currently provide our clients with the following services:

Crowdfunding Training - We have developed an eight-phase Crowdfunding system that has helped over 90% of our clients reach their campaign goals!

Crowdfunding Consulting – Our consultation services provide individualized interaction and coaching for small businesses. Our focus is on building business systems and helping our clients increase the reach of their business. The program is customized for each client and provides a one-hour free consultation.

Crowdfunding Engagements – We offer webinars, seminars and workshops that help participants understand the principles associated with building successful Crowdfunding campaigns. Our unique selling proposition is that we not only educate the participants but we give them access to information well beyond the engagement. Our follow-up process is first rate and allows those interested to receive personalized teaching and coaching.