Kevin Hill

Life Coach, Speaker, Trainer & Prolific Writer

Kevin Hill has worked with children and teens for over 25 years. He has
worked in many schools, in local communities and churches. He has done
lessons, assemblies, themed days, holiday clubs and youth clubs.

Kevin has been coaching kids and teens for many year without the title of
“Coach”. However Kevin became a certified Life Coach in 2012. Kevin is able
to take hard concepts and break them down into bite sized pieces that kids
can understand, remember and apply in their lives. Kevin also did this with
the coaching by adapting the Q & A style of coaching and creating it into
fun, interactive activities, that are the embodiment of the coaching
principles. The clients have fun and really learn and are then transformed
by the coaching. These programmes are exciting and Kevin has a knack to get
everyone involved, even the adults love Kevin's creative approach to
coaching. Kevin has coached one on one as well as groups.

Kevin as well as being Great Kids Life Coach Kevin has worked with:

Andy Cope – Art of Being Brilliant and “Brilliant Derby”.

Harry Singha – Youth Coaching Academy and “Youth Leadership Festival”.

Elliot & Emily Kay - “Power to Lead”.

The Challenge – “NCS” (National Citizen Services)

Kevin has trained and taught kids and adults, across the UK, and also in
Taiwan, China, India, Kurdistan and Thailand. So Kevin is accustomed to
teaching and training in a mixed cross cultural setting. Kevin works
regularly in a school where the students are made up of students that no
other school wants. Kevin has a lot of experience with working with
challenging kids and teens.

Kevin is also a published author, produced screenwriter and a speaker.

Kevin is married with 4 kids. He loves watching movies, Chocolate and
travelling. He wants to learn to SCUBA Dive and fly a helicopter.

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