Kevin Fournier

Helping You Create the Life of Your Dreams...

Hi I'm Kevin Fournier. My mission is to help people develop inner strength so they can create massive success and happiness in their lives. My programs help people develop their inner strength, relationships, financial, career or business, spirituality, health and energy,

I've discovered that success is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. Most people only focus on the mechanics (like I did in the past) and we wonder why we are having problems, are not happy, and unknowingly limit and sabotage our own success.  

Once I mastered my inner game and found my true passion, my success exploded!  Once I realized what was holding me back was my psychology or inner game, I earned 9 degrees & certifications in Psychology and life changing technologies. I've developed the ability to transform the lives of others.  The people who take my transformational courses realize sudden and massive life changing results. In only a few sessions.   

I helped a homeless druggy alcoholic move into a lake side condo with his new girlfriend, got a job making more money in his entire life and now he's driving for the first time in 20 years. 

I've built my courses around same methods that I used to transform his life, so I can help you create massive result in your life as well. My courses are loaded with powerful tools designed to transform your life, and they are guaranteed to produce massive results for you. 

Degrees and Certifications:

  • Psychology - University of Southern Maine
  • Master NLP Practitioner - Association for Integrative Psychology
  • NLP Practitioner - Association for Integrative Psychology
  • Master Mental Emotional Release - Association for Integrative Psychology
  • Master Hypnosis - Association for Integrative Psychology
  • Certified Life Coach - American Union of NLP
  • Strategic Life Intervention - Robbins Madanes Training
  • Presentations Mastery - Speaking Empire
  • NLP Trainers Training - Empowerment Partners

Something you didn’t know about me...

I once missed a flight because I was helping someone with their flight anxiety and within 15 mins, she was smiling and waving as she boarded the flight.  And because I missed it, I met the Dalai Lama in an airport in Georgia. I was going down the escalator and he was going up. Our eyes met in the middle of the escalator. I quickly ran down the escalator and then back up the other side and I got an opportunity to meet him.  It was a life changing experience that I will never forget!  

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