Kevin Conradie

Maths and Science teacher

I have a wonderful story which is testimony to the fact that hard work really does pay off.

My Gr 10 - 12 subjects did not include Science as I had not done well in previous grades due to a lack of motivation.

This all changed in May of my Gr 11 year when a man from the University of Cape Town came and gave a speech at my school. Something clicked during that speech which changed my life forever. 

That night, I made a decision that I would do Science as a subject. The Head of the Science Department told me it was a terrible idea and that I would be committing 'academic suicide'. My mother received phone calls from school psychologists who were trying to convince her that this was a terrible idea.

I remembered removing all distractions from my room that night (T.V, Xbox etc) and began to study and work harder. I had to spend the whole of June/July holidays of Gr 11 catching up Gr 10 and Gr 11 Science. 

To cut a long story short; I matriculated with 4 distinctions in Matric which included 83% for Maths and 91% for Science. I then went on to study Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University and graduated in 2015.

I had the opportunity to do my Masters Degree in America which would have started in September 2016. I needed to keep myself busy between graduation and September and so I decided to tutor.

The tutoring developed extremely quickly and within 3 months I had my own office. I fell in love with the tutoring and decided to leave the further studies.

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