Kerry Campbell

Life coach, trainer, teacher, and author

Hi, my name is Kerry. I'm the founder of the Academy of Well-Being and author of Harnessing the Power of the Principles of Well-Being: Letting go of Self-Destructive Behaviors and Addictions.  I've taught college-level courses in Writing, Business Communications, English Literature, and Project Management. But, my true passion is in personal growth and transformation. I strongly believe in the power of recovering one's life, healing from our emotional wounds, and transforming the way we live our life because of my own transformation journey.  

Three years ago I embarked on a new direction in my life, leaving behind a substance abuse problem, debilitating depression, and an unsatisfying life. I did ALL this by embracing  and living the principles of well-being I teach in my personal transformation courses. Now, I live a life that is empowering, full of abundance, and healthy in head, heart, and soul.  I create online courses in personal growth and well-being to share information, lessons, exercises, and activities others can do that can have powerful results for their own transformation journey. 

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