Ken Rose

Software Programmer

Ken Rose has been active in software development and trading since the mid 1980's. He has spent countless hours evaluating hundreds of algorithms and indicators along with keeping up on the latest programming languages.

He has always believed that with modern technology, there must be a solution to the difficulty of making trading decisions and the constant stress of looking at multiple charts and indicators for hours at a time. Many softwares were designed which became the eventual stepping stones to this final, wonderful product.

Even though there is no software or person on the planet that can produce 100% winner trade signals, VolumePriceTrader gives the trader far more winners than loss trades, and thus delivers to all traders the advantage they seek to become successful.

Dr. Rose has doctorate degrees in both Medicine and Law, and spent time in academics teaching students and residents in clinical settings.

Dr. Rose understands that the world is in turmoil and that making money is not easy anymore. Too many folks are getting to retirement age and are not ready. Trading is a definite solution to those problems.