Hi, I'm Kenn Crawford, a published songwriter, author and film maker. I was an Associate Trainer for a Fortune 500 company and I owned and operated a couple of businesses that I built from the ground up and later sold.

I wrote a weekly newspaper column, founded the Home_Recording group, and have been teaching people for over 30 years - everything from being a preschool teacher and guitar instructor to helping musicians, podcasters and audio book authors learn how to make professional sounding recordings.

My first job as a salesman was telemarketing, a commission-only job selling long distance. Our call sheets were literally pages torn from the local phone book - cold calls don't get much colder than that! My first day on the job was a brutal experience. After work I stopped at the local library and borrowed every book, video and audio tape I could get my hands on that had to do with sales, cold calling and telephone sales. I was a sponge. My sales went up and within a week the sales manager had me rewriting all the scripts to help everyone else get more sales and not sound like, well... a telemarketer.

I found myself working for a Fortune 500 company doing technical support for Microsoft, Sirius Radio, and Rogers Telecommunications. I worked as help desk, senior support and associate trainer.

Most people know I wrote a couple of books and that I performed on stage in a band or as a solo artist, but very few people know I got my start in entertainment doing ventriloquism. I'm almost 50 years old and I still have all my puppets. Hey, some things you just can't part with. :)

I recently released a short film I wrote and directed called THE FINAL GOODBYE and I'm in the process of filming a web series called THE AMYGDALA PROJECT. My debut novel, DEAD HUNT, will be filmed in 2017.

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