Ken Mazaika

Web Development Instructor

Ken Mazaika is a web developer and Ruby on Rails contributor. Previously he was a tech lead at WHERE (acquired by PayPal) and a member of the PayPal/eBay development team in Boston, where he built demand generation infrastructure in Ruby on Rails. In a previous life he turned a health insurance quotes generator from a $400/day web application into a $40,000/day business.

Ken Mazaika is a web developer and UX expert, who has run coding workshops at places like Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh, Harvard Business School, the University of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific University, Carnegie Mellon University, Babson University as well as a few other places.

Ken has been programming for many years and has had jobs coding in C#, C++, Java, Scala and done work on Desktop Apps as well as Web Applications. He also is excited about RubyMotion and has built iOS apps using that framework.

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