Kenji Croman

Professional Photographer

I was born in Hawaii and have always been in love with the ocean. It started out like most teens in Hawaii, body boarding (aka 'boogie boarding') which later transitioned to bodysurfing. It was natural for me to be a bodysurfer since I was a competitive swimmer in high school and even a little bit in college. I really bodysurfing because it's just you, the wave and your fins, nothing else. It's so pure.. So 10 yrs ago when I would be bodysurfing these massive waves at Waimea or Pipe it was such a cool experience I wanted to tell everyone! I would try my best to explain what I just experienced to others, friends, family, whoever would listen. I would flare my arms up to describe how big the waves were, make funny sounds with my mouth describing the thunder and bass the waves make underwater and ramble on how gorgeous the colors and reflections were. Unfortunately, that's what it mainly was, rambling. Then I held my first DSLR camera in 2007 and I instantly knew I found my calling. Literally a few months after I bought my camera, I moved to South East Asia to focus on photography full-time. For nearly a year, I worked on my own unique style as a photographer and artist. The people and energy of the land I visited invariably moved me. When I moved back home to Hawaii, I had a completely different understanding of what I was able to do with my camera; I was able to create art. This led me to combine the two things I really enjoy doing, bodysurfing and photography. I don't have the skills to articulate my experiences or myself very well, but I do know photography and that's how I started out as a swimmer to a bodysurfer to a surf photographer.

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