magi megi

AppzTutorial Instructor

I am Magi. I am an instructor at AppzTutorial and I have been working as an iOS developer for over 2 years.

I love developing games and social apps for iPhone. I also work with several companies here in China in developing ios apps and games.

I have strong experience on developing iOS game using Swift language and Sprite kit technology. I will also use swift language for my tutorial, therefore I will show you clearly on how to learn swift language.

I also believe you will feel much more comfortable to follow me as I will go step by step and elaborate a lot of techniques. At the end of this course, you will be able to have your first iOS game and a lot of knowledge on how to develop an iOS game which you 

So, if you are looking to learn on how to develop an iOS game then you can purchase this course and I believe you will find it is worth.

If you seek for my personal support, just contact me through my udemy page