Kelly Clifford

More Profit in Less Time with Less Stress

My name is Kelly Clifford and I'm the best-selling author of the book Profit Rocket : The five keys focus areas to skyrocket your profit and a Profit Specialist for Small Business. I am a fully qualified accountant with over 12 years working experience, with the latter years at Finance Director level. I am really really passionate about helping small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to make more profit which is why I resigned by my highly paid role as a Finance Director by choice, in the middle of arguably the worst recession in living history to set up my company Profit in Focus  so I can develop, support and provide you with the tools, resources and service you need to better understand and better manage the numbers side of your business with a real emphasis on helping you to make more profit in less time with less stress. I'm known for helping small businesses to rapidly accelerate their profit growth and it is my mission to leave my clients feeling INVINCIBLE!

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