Kelly Jo

Creative Strategy Consultant

Kelly Jo creates future visions as a strategist, an experience designer, and as an independent scholar. The aim in all her work is to reveal systems of influence and possibility for organizations, communities, and individuals. she identifies, explores, articulates, and tests desirable futures using borrowed, adapted and invented tools and methods. She uses story, play, and performance to help craft the conditions necessary for participants and stakeholders to explore these new possibilities.

Much of her work has been with large complex interdependent systems. She's worked with IBM, DaimlerChrysler, Nike, the Red Cross and many other organizations to help them have a positive and meaningful influence within their industries, within the systems they influence and to the communities and individuals that interface with the outcomes of their actions. She also deeply values her time as a mentor, life strategy coach, and instructor - helping individuals envision their own future, tap into their unique creative potential and take meaningful action.