Kellie McRae


I learned that dealing with adversity seems to be my "jam". I am a self diagnosed joy junkie and I always try to find the humor or silver lining in what many would find quite challenging. After a diagnosis of an incurable disease that seems to really enjoy giving my of my vital organs love, I decided to take my life to the next level. I was known as "The Hurricane In Heels" prior to my illness and a veritable force of nature. I now take my no nonsense, humorous approach to life and it's challenges and help others get over themselves....but only if they really want to. I hope you will enjoy the courses I teach. I hope you will enjoy my sense of humor and most importantly, I hope you will find the success you are looking for by signing up for my courses. 

Thank you for taking the time and I look forward to seeing what new and exciting things you will implement after taking my courses. 

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