Kelle Sparta

Transformational Shaman

Kelle Sparta, Transformational Shaman – Kelle is one of the world's foremost experts in the process of transformation. She has studied personal growth and development, spirituality, guided meditation and hypnosis, occult and spiritual practices, physical and energetic healing practices for almost 40 years. She has attended countless workshops, read hundreds of books, and interviewed hundreds of healers, shamans, psychics, etc. in her personal search for enlightenment and happiness. In her studies, she discovered through education and trial and error the secrets to transformation.

Kelle has run hundreds of rituals by herself, in small groups, and in large ritual teams. She has an intuitive and actual understanding of the elements of ritual, the energetics of the work, and the requirements to bring about transformation within those places. In her role as shaman, she is a channel, a medium, a psychic, and an energy healer.

Kelle has spent the last 14 years codifying the path of personal growth that takes individuals to a place of fulfillment in all areas of their lives. She has broken down the process of transformation into distinct stages and identified the actions that get people through those stages. (See her upcoming book, The Change-Seeker’s Guide to Creating a Life You Can Love)