Keith Johnson

Mentor To The Stars!

Keith Johnson, a "Born Maximizer and Mentor To The Stars," created Mission Empowerment, LLC., to empower people to live the life of their innermost dreams. Prior to forming ME, LLC, Keith enjoyed a rewarding career spanning Fortune 500 corporations and private start-ups, both national and local political arenas and the entertainment industry (recruiting and coaching some of the biggest names in entertainment). This diversity of employment opportunities shares one common element: his passion for learning, mentoring and being of service to others.

Keith travels throughout the U.S. facilitating various workshops such as “THE ARTIST'S BREAKTHOUGH: FREE YOUR CREATIVE SOUL," and the K-12-focused “THE WHOLE WORLD IS WAITING ON YOU!" He is an author, radio host and an award-winning Speaker with a teacher's soul. A native of Washington, DC, he is currently enjoying his second stint in Los Angeles, CA, with his wife, two children and his baby, Mission Empowerment, LLC.

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