Keith Boyette

Lead Generation Specialist at Local Leads USA

Keith Boyette is a master at creating quality video training. His true passion is training others to their individual "light bulb moment" and beyond. He wants teenagers and adults to comprehend his teaching.

His style is easy to understand, fun to hear, and motivational.

He wants you to have an unfair advantage over the procrastinators who do not take action after watching his tutorials. Keith has so much to share and wants you to be successful using the top internet marketing strategies.

Mr. Boyette is a graphics designer, web designer, and a multi-certified network engineer under Microsoft, Cisco, and Comptia.

He has been in I.T. for over 20 years. Keith still remembers programming in BASIC on his father's IBM PC XT 286 and dialing up to Compuserve on a 300 baud modem.

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