Keith Boley

"Your Past Does Not Have To Be Your Future"

Keith has invested since 2002, closing deals in lease options, shortsale-wholesales, seller financing, flips, rentals and apartment buildings.

He has spoken to audiences of over 2500 people, been a 2x contending finalist in one of the largest Real Estate Investor Educators contest in the country and anticipates his co-authored book to be published in 2nd quarter of 2015 – The Real Estate Candy Shop.

Keith’s passion is to share the education he has gained with our countries young adults so their futures do not have to be their parents past. As Keith has demonstrated in his “give backs” thru running the local Real Estate Investing Club in Lompoc, CA, doing interviews and speaking on stages such as Dean Graziosi--- Yes, You Can Have Win-Win Deals for everyone in Real Estate Investing! And he will share with you today ---

Now You Too Can Go Get Some…

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