Keith Parker

Anxiety, Stress and Worry Scientific Research Geek

I’ve developed a practical, results-oriented plan to help eliminate anxiety from your life. It works, and helps people who suffer from anxiety to life a more fulfilled, fear-free life. Without anxiety in your way, you can focus on the things that really matter in life, like family, friends and simply savoring the little things!

Today, I live in Dubai, UAE, with my incredible wife, Cherise. She is my soulmate. Over the past several years, we’ve shared a series of unforgettable adventures together – from hiking through leech-infested jungles in central Thailand, to exploring glaciers in Alaska and even starting our own Event Management company together. In February 2015, we were married with family and friends at on the Palm Jumeirah, not far from where we now live.

It’s been a long, and amazing, journey to get to where I am today.

Cherise and I spend our weekends as a series of mini-adventures, exploring the desert through camping trips or new restaurants on date night. We live a happy and satisfied life. Over the years, I’ve offered my advice on life, happiness and perspective to friends and family members. To my surprise, many of them were very receptive of this and saw positive results in their lives as a result of these discussions. Based on these discussions, I now use this website to share what I know and have learned about happiness and anxiety-free living with the world.

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