Keith Kube

College Planning Expert

Learn from unbiased experts in the field to bridge the gap between school and parent.

I have been fascinated by the college process since I first began my college search over 15 years ago, and then fully encompassing myself with the ins-and-outs when I realized in my second year of college, I wasn't doing what was the best course for my life nor was really anyone around me.

I simply wanted a degree and didn't put much thought into how that was going to impact my life. Like many of my friends from high school and even more people I was in school with, did not truly understand: the ramifications of the decisions I was making, how much debt I was going to be in, how long it would take for me to graduate, what job was my ultimate goal post graduation, and how much I would make in that field.

I worked closely with my guidance counselor in high school and talked with my parents about my future. I had done things the "right way" to achieve my goals but something in the process wasn't working.

After earning my Bachelor's of Education and then completing my Master's of Education, I started my teaching career working part time with my dad and brother starting Ontrak to College. Since committing full time to my passion, we have helped thousands of local families save money for college using our time tested and proven methodology.

We held workshops at libraries and schools trying to get our message out about the major sinkhole college can be for many families. It was doing a workshop for parents at a local high school we recognized a major deficiency facing families, who like me, believed they have done everything the right way for college and yet still face the same reality.

The problem is guidance councilors are unable to factor in the second half of making the college decision: HOW MUCH YOUR FAMILY CAN AFFORD FOR COLLEGE.