87 yrs Author, Mentor, Speaker Kawena Gordon


Hi, I am Kawena (Gwen Gordon)

I live on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. I feel very privileged at my age (87 years young) to feel as well & active as I do. I credit this to being a great believer in the Power of the Breath & the Power of the Mind.

My happiness and enthusiasm have never been stronger & I find my work extremely exciting & rewarding. I am also healthier & have much more energy than at middle age. I love Mentoring and Professional Speaking to guide & inspire others.

I’m very passionate about Quality Breathing & love to teach that most of all. I am very proud to have become an Author at 80 years young of “Happiness Is Just a Breath Away ~ How to Achieve High energy, Confidence and Vitality”

In 2013 I was inducted into the Australian (now International) Psychics Association Hall of Fame in recognition of my many years of guiding and inspiring others on their journey.

I have produced three Meditation CD’s

All three include an introduction & guided Meditations. They are created to help others empower themselves and are very easy to follow especially for the beginner.

“Meditation Made Easy”

“The Art of Breathing Made Easy”

“Meditation Made Easy For Children”

Private Mentoring sessions

Kawena provides mentoring, guidance and inspiration with her high vitality and love for life.

You will learn and master power breathing techniques, learn to expand your energy levels and build confidence. Kawena’s mentoring sessions are personally tailored to guide and help you understand your personal journey and purpose in life. You will find yourself inspired and self empowered.

Kawena personally tailors each session and encourages her clients to be passionate, highly energised and fully motivated as they manifest and follow their own amazing dreams as they truly find their self respect and self empowerment.

Professional Inspirational Speaker

Kawena excels at and loves being a professional inspirational speaker sharing her experience, wisdom and enthusiasm for life.

My greatest joy in life is helping people understand what wonderful potential lies in each and every one of us ~ with Just One Breath.

Kawena has recently been appointed as the Gold Coast Representative for The Lung Foundation of Australia to promote and educate on the health benefits of Quality Breathing.