Kate Havord

Art Psychotherapist (Dip ATh)

Kate Havord is a State registered Art therapist who has worked for many years with a diverse range of individuals. She is passionate about healing and helping adults and children alike thrive and flourish by tapping into their own innate creative selves. She has a dynamic and energetic approach that can inspire and encourage individuals to step outside of their comfort zone and find connection and inspiration. Getting people in touch with the playful free part of themselves is a joy to Kate who lives this part of herself openly. She is co-founder of Creativity Matters where she helps run workshops designed to allow people to explore the exciting world of guided visualization to music and art making in a group setting with a diverse range of people..

Being a specialist in child attachment and trauma, in the field of Art Therapy, she is also a founder member of ACT (Association of Creative Therapists) which is an organization that is committed to creating therapeutic intervention for traumatized and attachment disordered children in schools.

Kate loves colour and creative expression. She is ferociously dedicated to personal growth and spiritual exploration and has a personal interest in healing having overcome a condition called fibromyalgia using creativity, meditation and visualisation techniques. She views life as an ever deepening magical mystery that is an expression of benevolent intelligence. She believes that we all have the power within ourselves to transform and heal... That we are all much more magnificent dynamic and creative than we realize and it is this message she wants to spread to the world with her work.

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