Katrina Hurst

Head of K Fit

"K Fit makes fitness fun.  You get a fantastic workout with someone who really knows how to motivate, encourage and challenge you.  A great instructor whose motivation and dedication is boundless and whose enthusiasm makes you want to push yourself that bit further."

Lisa Sparks' review, K Fit customer

Hi! I'm Katrina, Head of K Fit, fitness instructor and mad crazy passionate about leading a life of confidence and happiness. 

For me, exercise is the answer for so many scenarios in our lives, yet time and time again I see the struggle that people go through to keep their fitness regime.  Before you know it, the routine is gone and the affect of no exercise on your physical and mental health can start to kick in.  

I think that exercise is just as much about a feeling, rather than a strived 'look' we go for.  Probably even more so, because when you feel good about yourself so many other attributes in your life have a positive light on them.  

It's my mission to get as many people as I can up and active, and living a life of confidence, happiness and health.  Take a look at the course details below, I hope you can join me for HIIT @ Home!

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