Michael Changaris, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist

As a psychologist working with elders in skilled nursing facilities I work with people who have almost no access to mental health support in a tremendously stressful time in their life. With La Familia I provided family therapy, individual therapy and group skills training in a under served community.

Many of the clients we serve have economic challenges as well as health challenges. With the Wright Institute clinic we work with adults who have multiple stressors and are marginalized in a medical context. Often the individuals who come into a primary care setting would have little or no access to mental health care. If we were not embedded in the clinic there are many people would never seek out care other wise. Patients who might have been unwilling to talk to a therapist, become open to working with a therapist when their medical provider has some one just down the hall that can drop in. One of the vital aspects of this role is to find ways to support individuals to develop the capacity to engage with the treatment context and achieve their health and mental health goals.